This video was captured on Chase Avenue in Dudley Town Connecticut. After numerous sightings of a ghastly shadow figure in the woods behind the property, the owners had a camcorder ready and loaded with a tape in the event it was seen again, sure enough on June 17th 2006 the evil looking apparition re emerged and was captured as it shimmered through the thick brush. No one in the town seems to know what it could be, but there were numerous murders committed in those woods over the centuries.

The tape was submitted to the Institute of Forensic Parapsychology and after under going rigorous expert examination was deemed unexplainable. Many people since have seen these shadow like forms around the woods in that area, the mystery to this day remains unsolved.

Dudleytown – A New England Ghost Town

Living in Dudleytown was never easy. Many things went wrong for the people and for the land. Were all of the events unexplainable? Was there a high lead content in the drinking water? Did Native Americans sneak into the hollow and wreak havoc? Or did the Dudleys carry a centuries-old curse into the village?

The rocks in and around Dudleytown do contain a high level of iron and other metals. It is possible there was some lead in the drinking water on the hillside. This theory could explain some of the dementia that area residents experienced, but continued lead poisoning is always fatal and for more than a century people lived in Dudleytown. If the water was bad, residents would have moved away sooner.

It is also true that there were many Native American tribes who lived in the general vicinity of Dudleytown, including the Mohawk nation. Some battles of the French Indian War (1755 – 1763) also took place within 100 miles of Dudleytown. There was fallout from the Native Americans for several years after the war, and one set of Dudleytown residents met their fate at the hands of angered Indians.

In August of 1774, an unidentified epidemic struck the Adoniram Carter household in Dudleytown and killed the entire family. A second Dudleytown Carter family, The Nathaniel Carters, distraught from the loss, moved near Binghamton, New York where Indians took the life of Nathaniel, his wife, and their infant by tomahawk. The Carters’ other three children were kidnapped to Canada where two daughters were ransomed. The son, David Carter, remained with his captors, married an Indian girl, and eventually returned to the United States for formal education. David escaped the curse of Dudleytown and eventually went on to become a Supreme Court judge.

Shannon from Manchester, CT (Last name withheld upon request):

“My boyfriend’s family moved to Sharon, CT in early 1998. His mother’s fiancé has lived in that area all his life and they had been telling me a little something about Dudleytown. I was kind of skeptical so I decided to check into it.

“Ever since I was little I have had this ‘feeling’ if you will.  Many people don’t believe this but I can tell if someplace is ‘haunted’.  There is a house in Manchester, CT where I live, that is supposedly haunted by the spirit of a little girl. She was tortured and handcuffed in a crawl space of the house and left there for dead. And I walked into the house and instantly got cold chills and my whole body temperature dropped. I could feel her there. She was following me around in the house.

“So when my boyfriend’s family told me about Dudleytown, I had a natural curiosity to find out if it was true or not. So the next time I went out to Sharon I asked them to show me where it was. They had told me stories about Dark Entry Road. My boyfriend’s mother, like myself, can feel the presence of a spirit.  So she and I drove to the beginning of Dark Entry Road and got out of the car to see if we could feel anything. Sure enough the second I stepped out of the car I got the coldest chill and my body temp. just dropped. I could definitely feel something.

“There have been quite a few people I have talked to out in that area that have told me that the town doesn’t like you to get to familiar with it. And that if you do it will change on you. I have heard several people tell me a story about how they were driving through or walking through there, having made it a daily route to or from work, and they have seen this ‘mass’, this black-as-black-can-be mass that just follows you.”