‘Intensive Farming?’

“This intensive farming system was unique in South Africa and was the largest intensive farming system in southern and eastern Africa” Professor Delius told Past Horizons . “ It included massive investment in stone terracing, cattle kraals (pens) and which allowed for the cultivation of rich, volcanic soils on the hill sides of the escarpment .


Africa or The Abzu




The Lost Book of Enki

Zecharia Sitchin

There was smiling on his face, in his heart there was a squeezing. By Shar time, Nungal in the chariot was to depart ready; In its bowels the chariot only a few baskets of gold carried. The disappointment on Nibiru Ea’s heart to him was predicting! Ea with Alalu words exchanged, that which was known they reconsidered: If Earth the head of Tiamat was in the Celestial Battle cut off, Where was the neck, where were the golden veins cut asunder? Where were the golden veins from Earth’s innards protruding? In the sky chamber Ea over mountains and valleys traveled, The lands by oceans separated he with the Scanner examined. Again and again there was the same indication: Where dry land from dry land apart was torn, Earth’s innards were revealed;Where the landmass the shape of a heart was given, in the lower part thereof, Golden veins from Earth’s innards were abundant! Abzu, of Gold the Birthplace, Ea to the region the name gave.

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Ea then to Anu words of wisdom beamed: With gold Earth indeed is filled; from the veins, not from the waters, the gold must be gotten. From Earth’s bowels, not from its waters, must the gold be obtained, From a region beyond the ocean, Abzu it shall be called, can an abundance of gold be gotten! In the palace there was great astonishment, savants and counselors to Ea’s words gave consideration; That gold must be obtained, on that unanimity there was; How to obtain it from the bowels of the Earth, of that there was much discussion. In the assembly a prince spoke up; Enlil he was, the half brother of Ea. First Alalu, then his son by marriage, Ea, upon waters placed all hope…

Of salvation by water’s gold they were reassuring, Shar after Shar all of us salvation were expecting, Now different words we are hearing, a task beyond imagining to undertake, Proof of the golden veins is needed, a plan for success must be ensured! So was Enlil to the assembly saying; to his words many in agreement listened.Let Enlil go to Earth! Anu was saying. Let him proof obtain, a plan put forward; His words shall be heeded, his words a command shall be! In unanimity the assembly its consent gave, Enlil’s mission it approved. With Alalgar, his chief lieutenant, Enlil for Earth departed; Alalgar his pilot was. With each a sky chamber were the two of them provided.


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Ea in a sky chamber, by Abgal piloted, to them to the Abzu showed the way. They surveyed the dry lands, of the oceans they took careful notice. From the Upper Sea to the Lower Sea the lands they scanned, Of all that was above and that was below they took account. In the Abzu the soil they tested. Gold there was indeed; with much soil and rocks it was commixed,

Refined as in the waters it was not, in an admixture it was hiding…

They went back to Endu; what they had found they contemplated. Eridu new tasks must be given, alone on Earth it cannot continue! Thus was Enlil saying; a great plan he described, a wide mission he was proposing: More heroes to bring over, more settlements to establish, The gold from Earth’s innards to obtain, the gold from the admixture to separate, By skyships and chariots to be carried, from landing places tasks to perform. Who of the settlements in charge will be, who of the Abzu shall take command? Thus was Ea of Enlil asking. Who of enlarged Eridu shall take command, who the settlements shall oversee?

Thus was Alalu saying. Who of the skyships and the landing place shall take command? So did Anzu inquire. Let Anu come to Earth, let him decisions provide! Thus did Enlil say in answer. Now this is the account of how Anu to Earth came…




How lots with Ea and Enlil were drawn, how Ea the title-name Enki was given…Aloft they all in the sky chambers went, lands from sea to sea they observed. To the Abzu they flew, on its gold-hiding soil they landed. Difficult will the gold’s extraction be! Anu was saying. To obtain the gold it is necessary; No matter how deep the gold is below the surface, it must be gotten! Let Ea and Enlil tools for the purpose devise, let them heroes for the task assign, Let them find how gold from soil and rocks separates, how to Nibiru pure gold to deliver! Let a landing place be built, let more heroes to the tasks on Earth be assigned! The plans to Enki and Enlil were beamed over, preparations on Earth to hurry they were told.

On Earth of what had happened and what to be done is required there was much discussion. Enki Alalgar to be of Eridu the Overseer appointed, his own steps to the Abzu he directed; Where to obtain gold from Earth’s bowels he then determined. What heroes to the task are needed he calculated, what tools were required he contemplated: An Earth Splitter with cleverness Enki designed, on Nibiru that it be fashioned he requested, Therewith in the Earth to make a gash, its innards reach by way of tunnels; That-Which-Crunches and That-Which-Crushes he also designed, on Nibiru for the Abzu to be fashioned.

In the Abzu Enki plans was also conceiving, where to build his house, Where for heroes dwellings to prepare, where the bowels of the Earth to enter. In his skyship the extent of the Abzu he measured, its districts he did carefully survey. A distant land the Abzu was, beyond the waters from the Edin it was away; A rich land it was, bursting with riches, perfect in fullness. Mighty rivers rushed across the region, great waters there rapidly flowed; An abode by the flowing waters Enki for himself established, To the midst of the Abzu, to a place of pure waters Enki betook himself. In that land the Place of Deepness Enki determined, for the heroes into Earth’s bowels to descend.

The Earth Sputter Enki there established, therewith in the Earth a gash to make, By way of tunnels Earth’s innards to reach, the golden veins to uncover. Nearby That-Which-Crunches and That-Which-Crushes he emplaced, The gold-bearing ores to crunch and crush, by skyships to be carried, To the Landing Place in the cedar mountains to be brought, Therefrom by rocketships to the way station on Lahmu to be transported. On Earth more heroes were arriving, some to the Edin were assigned, some in the Abzu tasks were given.




From the Abzu gold from Earth’s veins to the Landing Place was carried, Thence Igigi in rocketships to the way station on Lahmu transported. From the planet Lahmu in celestial chariots was the precious metal to Nibiru brought; On Nibiru was the gold to the finest dust fashioned, to protect the atmosphere it was employed. Slowly was the breach in the heavens healing, slowly was Nibiru saved!

The Middle East




As by Ninurta conceived, the ores from the Abzu were delivered, In Bad-Tibira they were smelted and refined, by rocketships to Lahmu they were sent; In celestial chariots from Lahmu to Nibiru was the pure gold delivered.

As by Ninurta conceived, from the Abzu to Nibiru the gold flowed; What was not conceived was unrest by the newcoming Anunnaki who in the Abzu toiled! Truth be said, Enki to what was brewing heed was not giving, To other matters in the Abzu his attention was directing. With that which in the Abzu grows and lives fascination he acquired; Of the differences between what on Earth and what on Nibiru appeared he wished to learn, How maladies by Earth’s cycles and atmosphere were caused he wished to uncover. In the Abzu, by the gushing waters, a wondrous study place he erected, With all manner of tools and equipment he furnished it. House of Life he called the place, to it his son Ningishzidda he invited.




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Sacred Formulas, tiny ME’s, the secrets of life and death possessing they shaped, The mysteries of living and dying of Earth’s creatures they to unravel sought. With some living creatures Enki was especially enamored; They lived among the tall trees, their front legs as hands they were using. In the tall grasses of the steppes odd creatures were seen; erect they seemed to be walking. Absorbed was Enki in those studies; what was among the Anunnaki brewing he noticed not. Let us create a Lulu, a Primitive Worker, the hardship work to take over, Let the Being the toil of the Anunnaki carry on his back! Astounded were the besieged leaders, speechless indeed they were. Whoever heard of a Being afresh created, a worker who the Anunnaki’s work can do?


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In the House of Life, in the Abzu, how to fashion the Being Enki to Ninmah was explaining. To a place among the trees Ninmah he directed, a place of cages it was. In the cages there were odd creatures, their likes in the wild no one had seen: Foreparts of one kind they had, hindparts of another creature they possessed; Creatures of two kinds by their essences combined to Ninmah Enki was showing! How the essence from two kinds combined can be, he to her was showing. The creatures in the tree cages are too odd, monstrous they are! Ninmah was saying. Indeed so! Enki responded. To attain perfection, for that you are needed! How the essences to combine, how much of this, how much of that to put together, In which womb conception to begin, in which womb should the birth be given? For that your succor and healing understanding are needed; The understanding of one who gave birth, who a mother is, is required!