“OK, the first question that I have is of course… WHERE is the blood of the supposed shooting victim?  I must again remind everyone that the average human body contains some 4-5 liters of blood, and if this Ambassador was indeed shot supposedly 8-9 times in the back, he would indeed be spewing out blood and there would be an ever increasing pool of blood under him as the video progresses with the alleged shooter screaming his rants!  But we see NONE, and that should be the first red flag raised by everyone…

The second question is how the Ambassador’s body falls BACKWARDS after being shot supposedly in the back… OK, there is no perfect way that any body or person will fall, BUT I would sure like someone to explain how he not only falls backwards, BUT also has his arms spread out the way the video shows!   Can someone explain how this alleged shooting victim spreads out his arms as he hits the floor?”

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