The evidence of occultism, the Illuminati and other secret societies has increased recently and is being brought to light. The following is a brief exploration of how these symbols have either wittingly or unwittingly been incorporated into mainstream culture.

Many of the examples below are of actors and politicians . This is, perhaps not surprising since they are professional deceivers. After all, an actor can make you believe that he is a friendly neighbor or an axe wielding psychopath (often times in the same movie). We take pleasure in consuming this deceit and pay large sums of money to witness it. The politicians’ ability to lie and mold his or her personality to the current polling numbers is fairly obvious. Yet, are they all satanic occultists bent on propagating an Illuminati agenda? Perhaps and perhaps not. I believe they are a conduit. They represent a highly visible facade to the ultra secret societies in our culture.


But why” you may ask, “would the Illuminati broadcast these symbols so blatantly? It can be said that human nature dictates a desire to flaunt one’s achievements. What good is it, if your very influential secret society is, well… secret. Allowing these symbols to disseminate throughout the culture is their way of proving that they are powerful. Look no further than the United States currency that you handle so often.

Before we begin, perhaps we should define a few of these symbols and why they hold significance.

The Eye of Horus


The Wadjet (or Ujat) symbol (known now as the Eye of Horus) was believed by ancient Egyptians to have powerful healing and protective powers. It has also come to be associated with freemasons (the eye of providence) and their initiation rites.


Since The Eye of Horus is represented with a solitary eye, the act of covering one eye serves to accentuate the other and thus produce the symbol more clearly. This can be done with the hand, a finger or some other item.


Occult Symbols 4


The well known occultist Aleister Crowely is also associated with the all seeing eye. He believed that the god Horus was working through him to usher in the Aeon of Horus (in which we are apparently living in now).


Symbolism is, then, a truly international form of communication, for it bypasses the barriers of language, race and culture, speaking directly to each level of the human psyche, but most meaningfully to the collective unconscious… Our collective unconscious, however, transcends such superficial connotations: in accordance with a more profound, metaphysical response, it associates the symbol with the tides, water and feminine fertility, but also with coldness, death and the underworld, and thus, since all of these are her attributes, with the Goddess.

Carl Jung

The Child God Horus

klyschiga-tatueringar-2Also associated with the child god Horus is the act of touching one’s lips (most accurately depicted with the palm facing in, as seen below). This is carried through to the Greek god Harpocrates who represents silence. This act can be viewed as a way to stay ‘silent’ concerning the ultra secret societies that are being followed.

Child Horus

…(symbols are) cross stiches in the fabric of realityThe language of symbols works on the subconscious level of the mind as they are easy to grasp and meditate upon. The only magically effective symbols are those charged with the peculiar vitality of the subconscious.

Freeman Fly

Occult Symbols 1

The Bull



Beatles occult

Stretching back to the Mesopotamian cultures of the Bronze Age, the horned deity is a powerful and ancient symbol. There are countless horned deities, including Hathor, Amun, Mnevis, Moloch, Pan, and Baphomet to name a few.


Occult Symbols 2

Philippine Rothschild
George Bush Sr.
Daniel Radcliffe
Barack Obama

(Although the horns are subtle and most likely a coincidence, the collective and intense reaction to the image is what is significant here)




“This calls for wisdom: let the one who has understanding calculate the number of the beast, for it is the number of a man, and his number is 666” (Revelation 13:18)

Occult Symbols 3

View of Washington Monument without people
The Washington Monument – 6,660″ tall



The Pyramid

Pyramid ex

pyramid 3

Occult Symbols 5