The goal of Forbidden Headlines is to offer an open and unapologetic source for news stories that are being suppressed by the major conglomerates. Most online, radio and television ‘programming’ are there to do just that – program you the viewer into forming an opinion. Our opinion is simple – if you find a news story at the top of your ‘news-feed’, chances are, you were meant to see it. You were guided there by countless cues and filters, until the programmers determined that this is what you should digest. While some items on FH may be designated as ‘mainstream’ headlines, we guarantee that the information contained there-in will be unique and thought provoking.

There are many ways to control the information that you see and the dissemination of that knowledge. The four primary techniques include, 1) Censorship 2) Mockery 3) Obscurity and 4) Disinformation.


Censorship – Fairly obvious here, if you don’t see it/hear about it or read it in the mainstream media, then it didn’t happen… right?


Mockery – More recently, certain non-mainstream events are, in fact reported on, yet the tone is one of belittlement and disparagement. Interested readers are guided to the conclusion that the story in question is a farce or less that news worthy. It does seem odd that one would go through the trouble to create such a ‘news story’ to ultimately prove its invalidity. A hybrid of this technique can also be found in most any comments section of an alternative news story.  Respectful disagreement or discussion has, in many cases devolved (or been crafted) into an attempt to offhandedly dismiss certain opinions in these comments sections.


Obscurity – Certain events may be reported on, but they languish in the ‘back pages’ of mainstream media outlets, only to be discovered by a diligent few. This includes local stories that are passed-over by major conglomerates. These omissions and/or concealments are yet another way to shape opinion and drive readers to much safer and ‘relevant’ events. We believe that obscure events are often the most revealing ones and that they often represent clues to a reality that some may be steering you away from.


Disinformation – The free flow of information that alternative media is beginning to unshackle has caused an especially insidious form of control to surface – the infiltration of alternative media and the production of purposefully false narratives. This not only muddies the water – it also serves to breed mistrust and paranoia among those starting to stir from their slumber.

You have decided to explore the other side of the news and we welcome you to this endeavor.  We also welcome any feedback or possible forbidden headlines that you may be aware of. Everyone must decide for themselves what is ultimately true or worthy of more investigation. The first step in this decision is to come to the understanding that the vast majority of media that you are exposed to is doing its best to influence you toward an ultimate goal. Congratulations! You’ve taken that step toward seeing the agenda and deciding for yourself what information will shape your reality.